Hot Shot Service

What is "Hot Shot" service? One exclusive customer, one dedicated delivery in an expedited manner! The customer calls and we dispatch the appropriate equipment to complete the job safely and in a timely manner. Traditional trucking companies operate opposite to this, waiting to consolidate more loads on the same truck - effectively delaying your shipment.

We can save our clients "thousands" of dollars in "downtime" by providing this expedited shipping service without delay. We are focused on providing high quality service and complete customer satisfaction. Dispatch is available 24/7, 365 days a year for this service.

We “Hot Shot”:
  • mining, drilling, construction & industrial materials/equipment
  • parts, pieces & supplies
  • raw materials
  • cars, trucks, trailers
  • packages of all sizes

Ice Road/Winter Road Service

We offer delivery service to outlying communities and remote work sites accessible over ice/winter roads for the short winter season that the roads are in service.


You Load, We Drive Service

Whether you are moving across town or across the Province, we can transport your household goods and furniture at a fraction of the cost of moving companies. We drop off our 38 ft. enclosed cargo trailer at your door and by you packing and loading and unloading at your final destination, you can save thousands of dollars in moving costs. Save yourself the hassle of picking up a rental vehicle, loading, driving, unloading and returning the vehicle - and don't forget to calculate the gas usage and a second driver for your own vehicle! We will pick up and deliver your goods door to door for a flat rate price - no surprises or "add on" charges.

Flat Deck/Cargo Service

We take advance bookings for our 32 ft. flat deck trailer and our 38 ft. enclosed cargo trailer for your specified pick up and delivery needs. Whether it's building materials, equipment, vehicles or that brand new kitchen for your house that you ordered from IKEA, we can pick up and deliver these items throughout Manitoba!



Vehicle Transport Service

We specialize in hauling high valued or classic vehicles/motorcycles in our enclosed car hauler. Our car hauler is equipped with a 3 ft. beaver tail ramp with a fold down ramp door - perfect for those minimum clearance vehicles. Additionally, we can haul all types of recreational vehicles such as ATVs, Side by Sides, snowmobiles, etc.

Rubbish & Brush Removal

Moving? Landscaping? Call us to remove your rubbish or brush.